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Food Art - 10 Beautiful Items

Great food.

It always comes in two's.

It has great flavours.

It looks great.

The art of presentation is as important as the taste.

But some people go beyond that - they create masterful art pieces all made from food.

See for yourself.

Hot Hot New Director

Vincent Moon.

He is 30 years old.

He lives in Paris.

He is a filmmaker.

Today he is considered one of the hottest directors.

He specializes in directing music videos.

His directing style and approach is so unique that often his videos - because of his style - have become more popular than the musical videos themselves.

He has directed videos for some of the world's most popular bands.

See it right here

Food & Wine | May 11, 2010

Tyson Froese - Passionate Heartache Music

Great artists.

They all experience dramatic twists and turns in their journey of life.

And those twists and turns force them to plumb their inner soul and psyche to create and share their passionate pursuit of excellence with all of us.

Take Tyson Froese.

He is a musician, songwriter and poet.

He is still young and on the cusp of his career.

We heard him several years ago at a private function and were impressed by his passion and talent.

So it comes as no surprise that today Tyson is starting to make strong and steady gains in his musical career.

His music, his voice, his talent resonates with all of us -a clear reflection of his own circuitous journey of life.

There is a passionate heartache quality to it that stays with you after hearing him perform.

"My music is very personal and touches on experiences close to my heart. It is a cathartic outlet to release my feelings and thoughts in this artistic form. It is a pure communication across a wavelength of sound, melody and voice," he says.

And there is no doubt about it - his music reflects in large measure his own life, a life that is about love, loss, strength and renewal.

Tyson has worked, written and performed for and with a number of musicians, including Loverboy and Latin songstress Rosita Stone, among many others.

Later this month - Friday, May 21, and Saturday, May 22 - he will be appearing with the Canadian rock group, Chilliwack, at the River Rock Show Theatre in Richmond, B.C.

So give a listen to Tyson.

And here is more info about the two upcoming shows.

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