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Celebrities Losing When Playing The Celebrity Card

Almost every day you read about it - celebrities trying to pull a fast one.

They love playing the celebrity card.

But more than often it gets them into nothing but serious trouble and the spotlight.

And it's the spotlight they were trying to avoid in the first place.

And here are the offenders.

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Fascinating Facts About Mother Earth

How much do you really know about Mother Earth?

Not a lot we would bet.

But planet earth has some fun and interesting facts.

Be informed and enjoy this bit of fun trivia.

Just click here.

Entertainment & Arts | May 2, 2013

A Vancouver Couple's Daring Hot New Media Venture - Watch Out Vancouver Sun

The world of media is changing rapidly.

Every day there are new developments.

And these new developments have devastating consequences for old media.

Established media institutions such as our local newspapers, our local TV and radio newscasts, are all under siege.

Expect The Vancouver Sun and the Province to merge - it is under consideration.

But for every dark cloud in media there is a silver lining.

But recognizing it and doing something with it is not good enough.

You have to be able to take advantage of the opportunity, execute it daily and consistently grab it.

And in Gastown, Vancouver's hottest hood, a husband wife team, have the vision and are executing it.

Meet Andy Patton and Kim Patton.

He is the editor and she is the sales and marketing person vice-president.

And they are on the cusp of something, dramatic and creative - fine-tuning a local media outlet that is intensely local.

Welcome to the Gastown Gazette.

And if they are successful the Gastown Gazette has the potential to become something big and significant and expand into other parts of Vancouver.

There are examples elsewhere where it has worked.

In the United States there are a number of intensely local websites; Patch being but one of them with outlets throughout the U.S.

And like the Patton's most of these new sites have been started by non-journalists.

One of the keys to success is to avoid what a lot of local blogs and websites turn into - devoted and unabashed cheerleaders of the community they claim they serve.

Most of these blogs are nothing but advertising and promotional vehicles for local groups, organizations and businesses where everyone is scratching each other's back.

But the Gazette will avoid that.

And it already has.

It was the first Vancouver media outlet that detailed in great depth the shenanigans that were going on at the Carnegie Centre. The centre receives major public funding and yet it is engaged in waging political wars against small businesses in Gastown.

The coverage was so powerful that two of the major players at the centre resigned.

And here is the kicker - most established media have ignored the Gastown story.

It was two weeks after Gastown Gazette coverage of the Carnegie fiasco that the Globe and Mail picked up on the story but the reporter in her story made some obvious digs at the Gastown Gazette.

So check out the Gastown Gazette.

Here it is.

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