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The Weekend - What To Do

Richmond's Steveston Village, Fraser River And London Farm

This is the perfect weekend getaway and you can do it as a day trip.

Start off at Steveston Village - a qreat turn of the century place. There is shopping galore and lots of restaurants and the views are amazing from your al fresco dining spot.

You can see whale boats plying the mighty Fraser and fishermen bringing in their catch that you can buy at the docks, at really low prices.

This is a time to get away from it all and enjoy everything the village has to offer as you stroll along.

After that go and explore the Dyke Road area of Richmond, an idyllic stretch of road along the mighty Fraser that has great walkways, lots of tables and benches, perfect for a picnic or just gazing at the boats and barges as they make their way up the river.

Your journey can start in Steveston and take you all the way to Number 5 Road that will lead you back to Steveston Highway.

Along the way you can meet people on horseback, people paddling their canoes on the river and people going for leisurely walks.

And you can do the trip by bike (it's a favourite route of bicyclists), or you do it by car or park your car and then walk to your heart's content.

Halfway on your journey you will come across a four acre historical site overlooking the Fraser.

This is London Heritage Farm, an 1880's farmhouse in a park-like setting with lovely gardens.

Stop in and take a look at the family barn, the beautiful heritage and herb gardens and the small hand tool museum.

After that it's time to go inside - inside the fully six-room restored and furnished farmhouse, showcasing what life was like in Richmond during the 1800 to 1930 era.

And it is here where you rest and enjoy a cup of tea, steeped in the tradition dating back to the 1800s.

Tea is served in a real bone china tea pot accompanied by assorted baked goods.

And if you don't like tea there is coffee, hot chocolate and different juices.

After that it's time to head back home - refreshed after getting away from it all.

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