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The Weekend - What To Do

Steveston - Explore the Market, The Fresh Fish And The Foood

This is the last weekend for the Steveston Farmers and Artisan Market.

It's a nifty little market with great fresh food, chefs that often demonstrate their culinary prowess and artisans that sell wonderful items.

But there is more and this is what makes the market so special.

After you have strolled among the market and checked it out head over to the pier for some fresh seafood at the numerous restaurants or you can go down to the docks and buy the freshest seafood imaginable at bargain prices.

So make it a date this weekend.

Entertainment & Arts

Celeb Siblings We Did Not Know Existed

They are some of the world's most recognizable celebrities.

People such as Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Jude Law, and many others.

And while their brothers and sisters may be well-known these siblings are no slouches by any means.

Instead they have achieved their own recognition and fame.

Cheap Eats | September 27, 2012

Maenam - The Ultimate Thai Food Experience

Angus An is amazing.

His food is getting recognition that most Vancouver chefs would die for.

Next month he will join some of the world's greatest chefs at the New York Food And Wine Festival.

And he is consulting for a New York company that is establishing a fine Thai dining spot in New York.

And no wonder - after all chef An has a terrific restaurant that serves great food and provides exemplary service at reasonable prices.

Maenam is in the heart of Kitsilano.

Small and intimate this authentic Thai restaurant (the best in the city) is a delight.

Service was spot on; the servers extremely knowledgeable and Chef Angus An even made the trek from his kitchen to explain a few of his dishes. A nice touch to be sure.

Prices for mains range from $15 to $18 and appetizers are $8 to $10. Portions are ample.

Thai cuisine is known for its layers and balance of flavours - sour, hot, sweet, salty and bitter.

Chef has an uncanny ability to use local ingredients, blend them with traditional Thai ingredients, to produce culinary perfection.

The fried oyster appetizer were crispy and light on the outside. Inside, creamy and smooth. The nahm jim sauce that came with them was classic Thai - a mixture of chilies, fresh lime juice and fish sauce. A simple dish but the flavours and textures were rapturous.

The green Papaya salad was lighter and fresher than most Papaya salads we've had. The small green beans on the verge of being undercooked gave the salad a super crunchiness; elevating a simple salad to a new level.

The creamy curry with mussels and halibut cheeks was a hit - biting into them released a symphony of flavours - pungent and peppery and the green curry paste with kaffir lime and tumeric added up to a unique and super tasty dish.

The showpiece of the evening proved to be the Burmese curry of organic Sloping Hills pork. It was heavenly. The pork was moist, juicy and crunchy. Pickled garlic, peanuts and different spices saw sweet, salty and sour combined in a perfect combination.

Bottom line: Maenam serves fabulous Thai food and reasonable - dinner for two, before tip and taxes, came to $51.

If you like Thai food and haven't been to Maenam - GO.

It's as simple as that.

Check out Maenam's menu.

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