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Cook Like A Top Chef - Their Favourite Comfort Food

Comfort food.

By its very definition it is food that is simple, easy to cook, uses simple ingredients and of course, is yummy and delicious.

Comfort food is down-home cooking at its very best.

We all have our favourite comfort foods.

Even the big stars of the culinary world have their favourite comfort foods.

And now they are sharing them; recipes included.

Cool Website

Colour It's A Beautiful Thing

Colour plays such an important part in our daily lives but for the most part we don't even realize it.

Colour can make us happy, can make us sad and can make us curious.

And to drive that point home here are some amazing things to see that are all about the power of colour.

Photo Gallery | November 12, 2012

Lost Civilization - Amazing Whispering Sands

Libya's Fezzan region.

Once it was a region with a flourishing civilization.

But when the rains stopped this thriving beautiful region turned into a stark, uncompromising place that is stunning and haunting, truly one of the world's magical places.

Seeing is believing.

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