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Totally Ingenious Beauty Tips That Are Hard To Believe

Beauty tips are great.

They are those extra little touches that add up to a lot when trying to look your best.

But a lot of them require expensive store-bought products and they are not always good for you.

So we have some beauty tips for you that will make you say after you have seen them - I can't believe that.

Check it out.


18 of Our Smartest, Most Surprising Kitchen Tips

Great cooking tips make life so much easier in the kitchen.

And even if you have just started cooking or have been at it for a long time a little help goes a long way.

For example, do you know how to keep guacamole from turning brown?

Or that there is but one tip for that perfect piece of bacon?

And that's not all.

We have 18 smart and savvy great kitchen tips for you.

Check it out.

An Easier Life | November 1, 2014

17 Insanely Clever Ways To Use Your Phone's Camera

One thing is clear.

And it is now happening all the time.

Apps, cell phone cameras, tablets - they all are being used in all sorts of new, original and exciting ways.

The days are gone when these devices have one singular use.

Instead, today each and every one of them has a myriad of uses.

And what is cool and surprising is once these new uses are readily available to all of us - read more...

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