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27 Insanely Easy Two-Ingredient DIYs

Two ingredients.

That's all I takes to make you look your best all the time.

And an added plus, other than looking great, is that you will save a bundle of money.

We have 27 two-ingredient DIY items that will do wonders for you and your hard-earned cash.

Check it out.

An Easier Life

50 Easy Brunch Recipes and Menu Ideas

There is nothing quite like it on the weekend - a great brunch.

And brunch can be something special for you, your friends or your family.

Brunch is a time to make something extra special and super-tasty.

And we have 50 easy brunch recipes for you.

Check it out.

Saving Money | July 25, 2014

11 Secrets Supermarkets Don't Want You to Know

You enter your favourite supermarket.

You know what you need and you are going to buy it.

Pretty simple.



There are forces at work that have one singular objective - to get you to spend a lot more than you intend to.

Some methods are pretty obvious.

All those items you can taste for free, are but one of them.

But others are so subtle and you are not even aware read more...

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